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Boat Rentals

Cape Coral is located directly at the Gulf of Mexico and has almost 400 miles of traffic-able water ways, which is more than in any other city in the world.

Therefore it”s no surprise that Cape Coral is the city with the highest per capita ratio of motor and sail boats in America. A local leisure captain once said “A Cape Coral vacation without a boat is like a Corvette with an empty gas tank”. Why not treating yourself by renting a motorboat for a few days and head out into the Gulf of Mexico, watch dolphins playfully swimming along with you, admire leisurely floating manatee families, go fishing for tropical fish or explore the many tropical islands with their secluded romantic coves. The water in the Gulf is warm and clear, the sky above is gorgeous and blue and the beaches are bright and clean. Be sure to bring your camera! This experience will turn your Florida vacation into a perfect vacation. You will go home with great memories of unforgettable days in South West Florida!