Property Management Service

Our team is helping investors maintain their home both while they are here and away. We offer a full array of services that set SWFL Real Estate Services, LLC apart from others.  Our family owned business is located in the center of Cape Coral, Florida, providing annual rentals, property management, as well as vacation rental services and sales.  We have been in business since 2008, with previous real estate experience since 2002.

10 Reasons

to let our professionals assist you in taking care of your valuable investment!


  1. extraordinary service
  2. extensive advertising to market your property
  3. satisfied tenants
  4. competitive rate structures
  5. experienced real estate professionals
  6. affordable as well as luxury homes
  7. reliable property management team
  8. prompt responses
  9. timely and cost efficient repairs
  10. no hidden costs

Property Management and Home Watch Services

Every property will be walked and inspected every week to assure the following:

  • Pick up mail, newspapers and flyers so the home always appears lived in. Mail can also be forwarded to our office.
  • Make certain the pool services are performed properly and monitor the pool system.
  • Check the screen enclosures.
  • Check locks on doors and windows to assure security of the home.
  • Verify lighting and security systems are in working order.
  • Look for interior pests, insects, and mold.
  • Make certain the air conditioning (HVAC) and humidistat is in operation and the filter is clean. Verify the carbon monoxide and smoke detection devices are functioning properly.
  • Check the home within 24 hours of tropical storms and hurricane conditions and notify customers of damages.
  • Ensure the plumbing is in order, flush toilets, and run water
  • Make certain the lawn care services are properly completed. Ensure the lawn, shrubs, and trees present an acceptable appearance. Check the sprinkler system timer still properly set, to water the yard in accordance to city regulations
  • Coordinate property cleaning prior to you or your house quests arrival and departure.
  • Computerized accounting statements will be sent monthly and a year- end P&L statements and tax returns
  • Utility set up service
  • Make all payments related to monthly bills, repair and maintenance bills and make deposits into customer bank accounts

Check-in of tenants upon arrival includes:

·         Turning on lights and pool heater (if applicable) before tenants arrival

·         Meet & greet with customer at the house

·         Explaining specifics of the inside and outside of the house to customer

·         Instructing customer about the does and don’ts

·         Showing customer how pool equipment, heater and spa is working as well as A/C, washer dryer, TV, etc. if needed

·         Informing customer about trash separation and pickup day

·         Providing information to customer about attractions, restaurants, shopping opportunities

·         Answering any questions they may have

·         Picture of electric meter will be taken for electricity use reference.

·         Taking care of tenants while they are vacationing at your house: this is including taking phone calls from the client or taking trips to the house in case tenant has questions and/or concerns. Example: internet is not working, toilette is clogged, pool equipment is not working property, etc.

Check-out of tenants before departure includes:

·         Walk-thru to the house with customer to determine if there are any problem areas, damages or missing items

·         Answering any questions they may have

·         Finding out about likes and dislikes of the house/service/area to report feedback to the owner

·         Final picture of electric meter will be taken to determine electricity use

·         Calculation and collection of electric charges if they are above the allowance

·         Conducting a survey with each tenant to generate customer satisfaction

·         Reporting about any problems and/or maintenance issues to owner


(Additional fees for Check in/out of tenants may apply)